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Drinking apples

In bars and at parties around the country, the cider revival is alive and kicking. So much so that you’d be forgiven for thinking that alcoholic cider is relatively new to our drinks menu. It might surprise you to know that when the Romans arrived in England in 55 BCE, the locals had already mastered the craft of making cider from apples. And remember Johnny Appleseed? Well, the orchards he sowed across the United States were originally grown for cider, not

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Good Organic Gardening4 min readFood & Wine
Pick Of The Crop
Over the past three months, thousands of visitors have tasted and enjoyed our range of organic preservative-free wines across Australia at various food and wine shows where we have exhibited, and at in-store wine tastings. While a few remembered us f
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Chicken with Pomegranate Molasses, Prunes & Potatoes
With two or three hours of cooking, chicken thighs are rendered melt-in-your-mouth tender. Because of this lengthy cooking time, I always use a firm potato variety here, as floury potatoes would just fall apart. If you are super-organised, you could
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Cereal Colour
Amaranth is a flamboyant and far from mainstream crop. Its flamboyance comes from its tall, robust growth, red stems and dark leaves and its crowning glory of blood-red feathery flowers that form drooping tassels as the seeds mature. Indeed, this pla