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things. Many of you must have been faced with the dilemma of how to mark a significant event. Even discussing possibilities is fraught with discomfort – how does one respond properly to the importance of the occasion? I am always astonished by the efforts.

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Gemma Smith
HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR ART PRACTICE TO a stranger? I make abstract paintings … occasionally sculptures but everything has circled around painting, and colour, to the exclusion of everything else really, for the past decade. Let’s go back a while
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THE DEBATE OVER THE LEVEL OF qualification an artist requires is not a new one. In issue 37 of Artist Profile, artist Idris Murphy questioned the expectation for artists to complete a PhD in order to teach. In this he reflected back to art critic Rob
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Cutler Footway
Why did you leave art journalism and broadcasting? I grew very tired of words. They crushed me. As just about any jobbing journo or critic will tell you, writing can become a slog. It’s enervating and can be hugely destructive of your peace of mind.