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Is there any more rugged way of life than mustering and droving? That’s rounding up livestock and moving it long distances, for those Pommy readers (not to mention the sooks in Sydney and Melbourne) who haven’t been introduced to it by that sappy Hugh

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The Rake6 min readFashion & Beauty
The Modern Tendencies Of Thom Sweeney
by tom chamberlin photography kim lang Limitation is a damnable thing. We Homo sapiens are adventurers by nature and instinctively try to discover the new or adapt the old. This psychological restlessness is evident in the clothes we wear as much as
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‘We Believe That Passion Is Passed Down Through The Dna’
by ben st. george photography kim lang A truly noble fibre is luxury made manifest. There is a richness, a suppleness, an opulence to the handle of pure cashmere or vicuña that has a transportive quality, an ability to reassure and empower. When it c
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To Rise Again
by anna prendergast Kim Novak never intended to be an actress, and her success surprised no one more than herself. “I never dreamed of it, never even thought about it,” she said. “It literally just happened, as if by magic.” It wasn’t until a cross-c