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YOU MIGHT BE A LITTLE hard-pressed, walking your way through a crowd of thousands in a cloud of barbecue smoke outside a college football stadium on a Saturday afternoon, to find a history major who could pinpoint the origins of tailgating. But you don’t need a Ph.D. to know why drink, food, friends, school loyalty, and giddy sports anticipation have established

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Summer Blockbusters
Outdoor showers are nice in theory, if you can get past the chilliness factor and the OMG-some-one-might-see-me-naked anxiety. This gel cleanser approximates the experience with zingy citrus and crisp green notes. It’s like washing in the great outdo
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Flights of Fancy
IT WASN’T ALL THAT LONG ago when flying was a special experience, anticipated by travelers who enjoyed what was, in hindsight, a golden age of aviation. Thanks to extensive federal regulation of fares and flight routes, airlines competed on service a
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Based on the events that led up to the “Boston Miracle”—so named for an unprecedented drop in crime in the city during the 1990s—City on a Hill stars Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hodge as unlikely partners teaming up to take on corruption. The series also c