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Disappearing Earth
BY Julia Phillips PAGES 256 GENRE Fiction DISAPPEARING EARTH OPENS ON A kidnapping. Two sisters—one 11, the other 8—soak up the end of summer on the shoreline of northeast Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula, only to be lured into a strange man’s car.
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THE KARAOKE BAR BREAK ROOM 86, TUCKED ON a quiet side street in the Koreatown section of Los Angeles, feels like a well-kept secret; to even find it you have to walk past a loading dock, then down a long dark hallway to a vending machine that’s actua
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Reenter The Wu-tang
The WU-TANG CLAN upended the world of hip-hop in the 1990s with an unvarnished look at New York City street life. Ahead of a new docuseries, the legendary crew reflects on their 26-year, ruckus-causing legacy.