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It’s 12.45pm on the first Thursday in August, I’m about to start work at the biggest fringe festival in the world – Edinburgh – and things are about to

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Digital Camera World3 min read
Wild Camping
One of the greatest pleasures of landscape photography is having a real connection with the great outdoors. Studio photography never appealed to me, because I don’t enjoy spending time indoors; wedding photography was often a hectic, loud and stressf
Digital Camera World2 min read
Camera College
Photographer and writer Marcus is a former editor of Digital Camera If you want to know more about lenses and how ‘focal length’ affects your pictures, read on to find out. Don’t miss next month’s instalment either, as we’ll be looking at how to play
Digital Camera World3 min read
Why Sensor Size Matters
The size of a camera’s imaging sensor determines the ‘effective’ focal length of a lens, and consequently the angle of view. While some cameras have a sensor that is equivalent in size to a frame of 35mm film, the majority of SLRs and mirrorless came