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A Spiralizer for Every Cook



This tabletop model was quite intuitive to use, with three color-coded blades – for making spaghetti, linguine and ribbons – that easily slide in and out of the machine. It comes with a case It’s dishwashersafe, making cleanup easy. The suction cup to hold the unit in place works better on some surfaces than others.

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1. Compost food scraps. A shocking 40% of all the food we produce is currently tossed. Try not to waste food in the first place, but if you must, throw rotten items, peels or other bits in the compost when possible. This returns the water that’s “emb
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Q/ Are air fryers worth the hype? A/ Air “fryer” is not the best name for this product as it only uses a small quantity (around 1 to 2 tsp) of oil and does much the same work as a convection or even a powerful toaster oven, creating a crisp, “fried”