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The Path of Least Resistance: 11 Helpful Hints for a Life of Magic & Joy

Path of least resistance

Photograph by Jon Flobrant

Helpful steps to embrace a life of magic and joy  by choosing the path of least resistance


Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung is noted for saying: “What you resist, persists.”

Understanding the truth and wisdom in Jung’s teachings has helped me see that we all have the power of choice in life. We can resist what we don’t like in the hopes it will go away — or we can accept things the way they are and make space for something new and different to transpire. When we surrender to what is, we allow the magic and beauty of life to unfold. This magical space is where joy lives, where gratitude can be found, and where dreams are born.

Have you ever pushed against life hoping for an easier path, only to realize pushing and resisting is actually making life harder? I can relate to falling into this trap throughout my life journey. Most often, this vicious

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