Celebrating Balanchine's Revolutionary 'Jewels' at 50

The New York City Ballet, the Paris Opera Ballet and the Bolshoi Ballet will perform famed choreographer George Balanchine's 'Jewels' from July 20 to 23 at the Lincoln Center Festival.
'Diamonds,' with music from Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, from "Jewels" by George Balanchine in three parts.

The greatest ballet choreographer of the 20th century had a favorite coffee shop, across the street from New York’s Lincoln Center at the Empire Hotel. “Mr. B,” as many called Russian émigré George Balanchine, would order a cup of coffee, or maybe a Beck’s beer. It was here that he first told Jacques d’Amboise, then a principal dancer at his company, the New York City Ballet, about a work inspired by visits to the jewelry store Van Cleef & Arpels, called “Emeralds”—one of the three short ballets that would eventually make up the full-length Jewels. “You know, it’s French countryside, like you see the impressionists paint—beautiful, warm, gentle and calming,” Balanchine told

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