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A new movement is memorializing forgotten sites of racist violence.
This 1931 map by the Tuskegee Institute recorded the locations of lynchings in the early 20th century.

On a Sunday afternoon in May, more than 100 people gathered on a grassy knoll sandwiched between a swamp and a construction company lot on the eastern outskirts of Memphis, Tennessee. Two high school juniors, Khamilla

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You Will Lose Your Job to a Robot
I WANT TO TELL YOU STRAIGHT OFF WHAT THIS STORY IS ABOUT: SOMETIME IN THE NEXT 40 YEARS, ROBOTS ARE GOING TO TAKE YOUR JOB. I don’t care what your job is. If you dig ditches, a robot will dig them better. If you’re a magazine writer, a robot will write your articles better. If you’re a doctor, IBM’s Watson will no longer “assist” you in finding the right diagnosis from its database of millions of case studies and journal articles. It will just be a better doctor than you. And CEOs? Sorry. Robots will run companies better than you do. Artistic types? Robots will paint and write and sculpt bet
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Mother Jones senior reporter ARI BERMAN watched the 2016 election results come in at a Wisconsin hotel bar, fielding frantic phone calls from family and friends while drinking with local political operatives. Berman, a reporting fellow at The Nation Institute and the author of Give Us the Ballot, a history of voting rights, has traveled to the state four times over the past year and a half to report on voter suppression (“Rigged,”). To increase her natural melatonin levels, SAMANTHA MICHAELS has tried eating cherries, wearing orange-lens safety glasses, and strapping on a red-light headlamp (
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Automatic for the People
1797: Thomas Paine proposes taxing land-owners to provide a £10 annual stipend for people over 50 and a one-time £15 payment at 21 years of age. 1848: Belgian Joseph Charlier writes the first fully fledged proposal for basic income. It is virtually