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God bless Fleabag
THE RULES OF PEAK TV DICTATE THAT no successful miniseries remains a mini-series for long. In recent years, sensations like Big Little Lies and Top of the Lake have followed Downton Abbey’s road map from limited-series Emmy recognition to arguably un
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The Godfather Of Brexit Returns To Rile Up The U.K.
WHEN THE SUN SHINES ON CLACTON-ON-SEA on the east coast of England, the town comes alive with sunbathers, kids playing arcade machines and shopkeepers hawking beach balls on the sand-swept promenade. But the sky on a recent spring morning was overcas
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Yossarian lives (again)
Traumedy may be a new term, but the genre dates back at least as far as 1961, when Joseph Heller published his World War II classic Catch-22. A searing military satire with Red Scare undertones, it chronicles the misadventures of Yossarian, an Americ